Cameron & I have just finished yoga and I wanted to share with you, some quick tips about meditation and how beautiful, easy and valuable it is.

Remember that the idea behind meditation is bringing your crazy, fast brain down to a calm brain, and to do that you’ve got to set yourself up, so try and do it when you haven’t had lots of coffee or tea or stimulants, it’s much easier to do it when you are working with everything body mind and soul.

Meaning that meditation helps you to calm the mind down, calm the emotions down and calm the body down too, but if the body’s calmer first, it helps those other two just to set in place.

It’s always easier to meditate when you have done some exercise beforehand. We’ve done some yoga this morning, but you can do any form of exercise that’s going to get the blood flowing. Getting the blood flowing through your body will help get the blood flow up into your brain, especially if you’ve got this attitude of openness while you’re exercising.

So whether you’re walking through nature or you’ve been at the gym or you’ve done some yoga, some dancing or whatever you are doing that is getting your blood flow going it’s actually going to help the energy for your meditation and your brain.

One of the best parts of yoga is at the end, when you are sitting in the stillness and your brain is flowing, so then you can let the energy come up. It’s like an internal brain massage and you can go onto thoughts of ‘no-thing’ of nothing. Or, you can just pick a question or set an intention and ask that.

It might just simply be ‘what are my priorities today’ and then you can also have a little pen and paper beside you if you choose and just wait, and what you’ll feel is this bubbling up will come and you can just write it down and then close your eyes go back in that stillness.

If anything else bubbles up like what you’ve got to get from the grocery store just write that down, anything else bubbles I’ve got to call mum, got a call so and so, I’ve got to call my friend see how she is write that down as well and then once you’ve done that, once you get there that chatter out, what will start to happen is some deeper wisdoms will come out.

You may have some healing thoughts, you may have a flash of a memory from when you were a child of why you act a certain way and it can really be healing to just get that understanding of why you might have a pattern around people, why you might have a fear around being successful, and then as that comes up you can just breathe it out during the meditation.

Anyway, we love you, we love you, we hope this has helped you with your meditation and that you take the time to meditate for yourself for your mind, body and soul.

We hope to see you soon either online, at one of our virtual events, live or at a one-on-one session with me.

A reminder I also offer Skype healing sessions. Whether you are on the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne or the UK, if you cannot get in to see my physically, we can always tune in together online.

We also have a retreat coming up at the end of May. If you feel drawn, you can view the details here. It is going to be fantastic, out in nature, with gorgeous musicians, yoga, meditation, good food, accommodation, everything is provided and we would love you all to come.

Finally, Enjoy the beautiful meditative feelings and we love you.

Love Lyza & Cam x