Cameron and Lyza in Healing NatureI am drawn to nature when I feel depleted, from wifi, car sounds, mobile phones, computers, work, chaos in general…

I take off my shoes, listen to my breathing and feel it calm down and become slower and deeper and feel my body slowly relax as it synchronises with natures sacred hummmm…. I feel I return… to me, to the place where we all meet through the souls of our feet, our hearts, our minds. A place of deep Healing!


Lyza's aura in natureAs we walked along, we felt our stress leaving us with every breath,… trading our stressfor copious amounts of oxygen.

After we had reached the water fall at Tamborine Mountain Witches Falls walk,  and felt the invigoration of the running water … we chose to walk along it a little of the way and it felt as if my aura was being stroked or swept or bathed washing away energy, that even I wasnt aware of. Finally we sat down and I was drawn to a sunny spot shining through the trees on to an old fallen tree, it was magical… I tuned in to the energy around me and Cam took a picture and look what we saw on the Cameron when we looked afterwards, kind of Amazing… we are not sure if its a trick of the camera or nature energy beings all around me here, we are sure it was a mystical energising experience on many levels.


Cameron in Nature

Cam hiked up to a big log to relax and absorb the earth energy from the Boulders and fallen tree trunks and the sun streaming in through the trees.

He looked like a true bush man!

I realised it was even more powerful when we stopped speaking and just listened to the sound of the water, the birds, nature, our own hearts pumping in our chests from the exercise and also to our own deepest thoughts.

Finally, when we felt our tanks were full of the rich energy from all around us, we began to climb up the Mountain back to our car and on the way we both received some beautiful messages from aboriginal spirits from the area. We are so grateful for this amazing part of the world we live and for this amazing earth we all get to call home !